Zhiwan Cheung

The All American

The All-American

Wood, paint, boxing gloves, found altar books
63 x 17 x 12 inches
At a yard sale I found what appeared to be two altar books, which someone had glued open at the center with the remaining pages cemented shut. The opened pages of both books contained religious writing. By chance, one of the books’ hardcover bindings fell off, revealing that under the façade of an altar book laid a Tom Clancy novel: these apparent altar books were actually made from discarded novels.

A boxing glove hangs from one altar book, while the Tom Clancy novel peeks out from its altar book guise on the floor. The issues of violence and religion, both defining features of America’s past and present history, are exhibited on a Chinatown Orange painted wood panel.

  1. Hanging Fruit
  2. The Impossibility Of Home
  3. Reading the Rainbow
  4. Golden Heritage Living
  5. Good Vibrations
  6. Intergalactic Immigration Office
  7. Vibrating Pink Egg
  8. Skinny Dipping
  9. White Lie
  10. Who’s Afraid of Chinatown Orange?
  11. Homage To My Mother
  12. Movable Wave
  13. Portal
  14. Residues of a Past Performance
  15. Augmented Door
  16. Impermanent Infinity
  17. Expanded Field
  18. People Take Warning: Murder Ballads & Disaster Songs
  19. Day of the Painter
  20. Mines’ Eye
  21. Oedipal Art Wrestling
  22. Puer Aeternus
  23. I want to return to a time when life was simple. When all I knew about were colors, multiplication tables, and nursery rhymes.
  25. Longing for the stars, Longing for the moon
  26. what you don’t know can’t kill you
  27. We the People Want a Bad Romance
  28. Oh dear America, save our selves
  29. I…Not Everything Will Be Okay, But Some Things Will
  30. New World Order
  31. Life will go on as it has always gone on – that is
  32. In the Belly of the Beast
  33. I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy
  34. I heard there was a revolution. Where do I sign up?
  35. Our forbidden fruit
  36. Bed Bath and Beyond
  37. The All-American
  38. This is water…this is water
  39. All work and no play makes art a dull boy