Everything Is A Decaying Lump of Now

Single Channel Video
10:45 minutes
Last May, I had an idea to drive through 130 West in Wyoming. The road links Laramie and Saratoga while passing through Centennial. Traversing the road takes you into the Medicine Bow Mountains, also known as the Snowy Range Scenic Byway. In the beginning of the month, the roads remained closed due to the winter snow. I felt if I could visit the area, I could think about time differently. The rocks on Medicine Bow are said to be very old, coming from the Precambrian period. In considering the Precambrian period, which represents Earth’s first four billion years of history, I tried to imagine time from a grander scale. Humans have always been becoming since half a million years ago, which is less than 1% of earths geologic time. Such a scale is humbling.

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